What is “Digital Distribution”? Distribute your Farsi Christian songs or music online

It means Farsipraise ministries gets your Farsi or Iranian Christian music or album to the public, as high quality downloads using internet
You own the rights to your music and song(s)
You give FarsiPraise the rights to be your digital distributor
You can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice…just contact us at info@farsipraise.com
You get to choose if you want your Farsi Christian song downloads to be purchased (99 cents per song) or to be available free of charge to public
If you want your downloads to be sold online…when visitors pay us for your songs, then we pay you (we keep 9 cents for archiving and handling per song)
This is a FREE service.

If you have recorded or wish to distribute your songs (they have to be Iranian, Farsi, Dari, Armenian, Afghani, Assyrian, Pashtu or Arabic Christian songs/music/album), then contact us. Our organization is non-profit and we specialize production and recording of Farsi Christian Music and Farsi Worship albums.

by http://www.farsipraise.com

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