5 Things A beginning Worship Leader Needs To Know

I have been involved in and lead in worship for the past nine years. I made a lot of “Rookie” mistakes that were partly my own pride and partly inexperience, and frankly pride in the fact that I didn’t want to appear inexperienced.

1.) Acknowledge Your weaknesses.
Contemporary worship leading is not something that you are born having the skills to do. Your calling may be true but You must acknowledge the fact that a lot of people have done this for longer than You have and that is “Ok.” Be patient, seek the Lord and seek wise counsel from people who do this well. Put yourselves under someone You can trust and be willing to do whatever from playing the shaker to doing the slides to learning every aspect of worship ministry. God’s plan is to use your weaknesses so don’t hide from them. He will grow you up if you let Him.

2.) Practice your instrument diligently.
If you plan to lead from an instrument you must practice. Paul Baloche said he just “wanted enough proficiency to not be a hindrance in worship” I think this a model we can trust.

Psalm 33
3 Sing to him a new song;
play skillfully, and shout for joy.

3.) Come without an agenda of Your own.
This is a biggie. ( or it least it was for me) You are not there to show your skills. You are there to be an usher into the presence of God, not the opening act. I am not saying to not prepare, but what I am saying is this is not a concert and it is not about you. You are an usher and as such you are a tool in Gods hand.

4.) Pay attention to Keys.
Make sure the melody does not go below middle C or above C2 (One octave higher). This will help congregation to sing. It is amazing how hard it is to sing when a song is too high (or too low). You will be scratching your head. Trust me I did for 6 month. I have a high voice. Not everyone does apparently….

5.) Listen. Listen. Listen.
Listen to worship leaders and try to gain from them what you can. This is holy envy and they have burned a path you may be able to follow if you need to. I am not advocating copying someone or even their arrangements but their recordings will give you valuable insights into musical interpretations you may want to emulate.

On a final Note….

When He calls us, we are not usually the most prepared people, but he is faithful to complete the work that Has started in You and in all of us. I thank God He is true to His word.




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4 responses to “5 Things A beginning Worship Leader Needs To Know

  1. That is great! Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  2. I’d love to invite you to upload any original songs that are well produced to worshipsong.com. It’s a place for your songs to be heard and for you to be able to sell downloadable mp3’s rhythm charts, etc.Blessings…Holland Davis

  3. Wow!! You hit it right on the head for me!! I'm a beginner @ leading, but i've been singing my whole life!! Thanks for the advice and encouragement!! Really needed it!

  4. Anonymous


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