Worship Singers – Protecting and caring for your voice

1. Make sure to drink lots of decaffeinated liquid daily. Hydration is very important and caffeine has a drying effect.
2. Identify possible negative, vocal behaviors such as excessive throat clearing, coughing, loud talking, whispering, yelling, singing beyond your range, and hard vocal attack, (forced voicing).
3. Use good posture, a relaxed jaw, and a wet and open throat.
4. Use diaphragmatic breathing when singing and when speaking to support the voice and decrease vocal strain.
5. Relaxation exercises can be of benefit. Even yawning before singing helps to relax the muscles associated with voice use.
6. If you do a lot of talking throughout the day, then set aside some time for quiet activities.
7. Avoid dairy products as they are mucous producing.
8. Limit the use of decongestants because they are drying.
9. Warm-up the voice a little before trying to reach those low and high range extensions.
10. Give yourself some vocal rest. (some time out from talking or singing)



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