Iranian Christian Worship

Some new Iranian Christians are not sure how to worship God in regards to their new faith. At most of our churches there are those who truely love Jesus but don’t know how to praise Him. They are not sure if they should clap (as they don’t want to disrespect Jesus) or sing (as they are too concerned about their vocal abilities) or cry (as it could be a sign of weakness). So what should be done?

It would be great to hear from others about this but here are some ideas that come to mind:
1. More teachings on the person of Christ – Son of God AND Son of Man
2. Identification of who we are in Christ
3. Dissection of the meaning of worship and praise
4. Focus on the importance of worship and praise
5. Comparison between Islamic vs. Christian worship
6. Worship seminars held at churches
7. Experiencing corporate spontaneous worship and praise
8. Experiencing personal Spirit-led worship
9. Establishing a strong worship community at our churhces

There are no particular formulas for learning how to worship. Christian worship is a natural response to the presence of God in our lives and it is very subjective. But despite its subjectivity, it is always accompanied by personal transformation. Without this our praise remains a ritualistic act motivated by obligation.

by Fariborz Anasri


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