Worship Leading Tip #8 – Encouraging the people to sing

  • Familiar songs: To encourage the people to sing, you can choose familiar songs, songs which the members of your group like, for your first fast song and first slow song.
  • Song ratio: Try not to have too many new songs or unfamiliar songs – those that tend to be forgotten and taken to be new songs. Not more than 25% of the songs in your worship.
  • Avoid breaks: Since people tend to keep singing once they start singing, avoid having too many disruptive breaks – especially if they are due to musical ineptitude or worship leader’s sermons. Let the music flow smoothly and nicely from song to song.
  • Audience eye contact: It is important to establish rapport with the audience. If you have a small group, try to establish eye contact with your people and gain their response and support before starting on the worship. This helps prevent you from drifting off into your own world and leaving the rest behind.
  • Enthusiasm: The worship leader and musician must seem enthusiastic about the worship. If the meeting chairman is right smack on the stage too, he, too, should be enthusiastic. The spirit of worship is contagious.
  • Subtle hints: If your people don’t seem to be singing, eg when they face a new song, you can subtly ask them to sing by saying “let’s join in” or “let’s sing together” at the beginning of each verse or chorus.
  • Avoid scolding: Some worship leaders, if faced with unresponsive groups, stop the praise suddenly and ask them why they sing “celebrate” while they aren’t smiling at all. I feel however, it requires discernment not to draw the people’s attention to the fact that no one is enthusiastic. Rather, the leader should remind his congregation of God’s promises and why we must praise, and GAIN THEIR RESPONSE during such a time. For example, “Praise can be a powerful weapon to fight the enemy, Amen?” The leader should not be seen as scolding the congregation.

Farsi/IranianChristian Worship Training Tips by http://www.farsipraise.com
تعليمات رهبري خدمت پرستش فارسي ايراني مسيحي كليسايي توسط موسسه فارسي پريز


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