Worship Leading Tip #10 – Leading alone with guitar and no other musicians

Scripture quotations: If you are going to read scripture during your worship, turn to the passages and put them in front of you before you start the worship, for smooth transitions. How are you going to flip the pages and play your guitar at the same time?

Lyric sheets: If you need to refer to lyric sheets during your worship, lay them out side by side in front of you so you don’t have to attempt to flip them and play your guitar at the same time.

Extended discourses: If during the worship you want to talk about something for a longer period of time, hand the guitar over to someone else to keep on playing “atmosphere music”, rather than trying to keep playing and talking at the same time.

Farsi/IranianChristian Worship Training Tips by http://www.farsipraise.com
تعليمات رهبري خدمت پرستش فارسي ايراني مسيحي كليسايي توسط موسسه فارسي پريز

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