Worship leader’s Blunders & Common mistakes

  • Not spiritually prepared to lead worship – without spending that time building a relationship with God, the worship leader will find that all his efforts will not amount too much.
  • Failure to worship yourself with the people
  • Failure to give reason for the various actions of worship – from time to time we need to remind the people why we clap; why we shout; why we raise our hands. If we don’t, we are in danger of having these things become no more than a tradition or mimic, rather than a dynamic expression of worship to God.
  • Standing too long
  • Worshipping too long – It is usually better to stop earlier and leave your congregation wanting more, than to drag out the service and have them regret coming back
  • Teaching too many new choruses all at once
  • Talking too much in-between each song – One of the biggest annoyances for the congregation is that the worship leader always tries to say something. Let your songs flow one into another without always having the addition of your opinions and comments.
  • Improper key selection – If a worship leader chooses to lead a chorus in a key that is too low or too high for the average singer, the congregation will tend to stop singing because of frustration and inadequacy to reach their notes.
  • Not supplying the lyrics for the people
  • Not enough repetition of a chorus – Statistics show us that the majority of people need a chorus repeated through at least three times before they can really put their heart into the song and worship.
  • Everything is too loud!!! – Usually the biggest complaint in churches with worship (especially buildings with smaller auditoriums) is the volume level. Unfortunately, it seems that many worship leaders don’t seem to care about the Ear’s of the people. Music is a big attraction for any church. However, if the volume is too loud, it will discourage your own congregation from wanting to attend anymore.


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