Forms of Worship Using the Body – SOLEMN PROCESSION/SOUND


Ex. 34:5; Ps. 68:24; 92:3; Jer. 30:21; Eze. 46:9-10; Joel 1:14; 2:15; Rev. 4:5

Solemn means with ceremony, done in due form, mysteriously impressive, sacred, full of importance, weighty, sober, deliberate, slow in movement, or action…(The Concise Oxford Dictionary–University Press 1964). The purpose of processions is to show the full extent of a victory or dominion, wealth, person, essence of someone. See also: Ps 68:24; Jer 30:21; Rev 4:5

Also in Col. 2:15 Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it. The Greek word for “triumph” is thriambenuo, which means, “to make an acclamatory procession.” This is a procession or march of victory following a battle. It was common to process the “spoils” of victory in the streets to show the power and success of the army.

Various processions in the Bible:

• The animals processed in front of Adam to be named—Gen 2:19-20

• The animals processed before Noah into the ark—Gen 7:8-9

• Mordecai was processed through the streets and city square—Es. 6:8–11

• The Lord processed through the wilderness—Ps 68:7

• The Lord processed before Moses—Ex 33:22; 34:5-7

• The prophets processed—1Sam 10:5; 10:10

• Nehemiah appointed two choirs to process on the wall–Neh 12:31 (DBY)

• There was a procession into the House of the Lord—Ps 32:4 (See also the Psalms of Ascent)

• The Lord processes in the sanctuary—Ps 68:24 (Ps 68:24–27 The word goings in Hebrew is halikah and means company or a procession in the sanctuary.)

• God’s people process before His throne–Ps 118:27

• Kings process–Is 60:11

• Jesus came into Jerusalem in a triumphant and joyous procession–Matt 21:1-11

• God leads the Church in triumphal procession–2Cor 2:14 (NIV)


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