Forms of Worship Using an Implement – Banners


Ex. 17:15 Jehovah Nissi (“The Lord my banner”)

Banners are used in scripture as beacons or articles of warfare and as instruments of worship.

Other scriptures where banners/flags are used in worship or warfare:

Pss. 20:5; 60:4; Song of Sol. 2:4; 5:10; 6:4; 6:10; Is. 5:26; 11:10, 12; 13:2; 31:9; 49:22; 59:19; 62:10; Jer. 4:6; 50:2; 51:12, 27; Zech. 9:16

Contrast Num. 21:8–9 and Jn. 12:32. When Jesus is lifted up, all men are drawn to Him.


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