So Are You A Chirsitian Musician?

• Worship isn’t something we simply feel. It’s something we DO with our bodies in all of life.
• Our call is based on the Gospel
• No such thing as a musician who happens to be a Christian. No one is a musician first, and a Christian second. God doesn’t allow us that option.
• As a musician, our greatest need is to study of the Gospel, because the cross must motivate, define, and give direction to the way we use our music. Ask yourself…Do you love the Gospel more than music?
• As a musician, we must operate in the gifts of Holy Spirit.
• We should not be people who can’t worship God without our instrument, or our voice.
• Walking in obedience to God and church – Being accountable to the worship leaders, elders and Pastors
• A call to be different from the world – People are always worshipping something or someone. The question is WHO will we worship at each moment?
• It’s not wrong to enjoy music! However, we enjoy it because it dimly reflects His character, nature, and purposes on the earth.
• Self-glorification – There are many musicians seeking the “life on stage” for self-promotion, pride, the sinful benefits that life style affords (women, money, fame, etc.) – this is wrong!
• Christian musicians understand the limitations of subjective feelings rather than idolizing them (state of trance – khalseh or what Sufi practitioners call wajd and fana)
• Our music doesn’t create reality – it only attempts to reflect it.
• Ongoing commitment to Biblical giving.
• Serving is our primary motivation, not simply the desire to play music or sing to God.
• playing music outside the church only for the glory of God.


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