• Musical Gifting
• Church Membership
• Meaningful pastoral connection to the church through regular participation in G groups and the community life of the church
• An ongoing commitment to Biblical giving (time, money, etc.)
• Ongoing approval of involvement by spouse and/or family and pastors (leadership)
• A commitment to integrity in personal walk in recognition of the public ministry function of a worship team member. This includes examples in conduct, appearance, and relationships within the worship team, the church, outside of the church and in overall walk.
• A commitment to consistency, faithfulness, and excellence in attendance in worship team practices and activities and in personal preparation.
• A commitment to growth as a worshiper in both public and private worship. This includes “leading by example” when serving in a public setting (on stage).
• A commitment to growth. This includes both in skill as a musician and vocalist and in the knowledge and application of truth in personal life.
• A commitment to unity and integrity in relationships with other worship team members.
• A commitment to demonstrate servant-hood, flexibility and humility in dealing with inevitable technical, relational and schedule challenges associated with this ministry.
• A commitment to serve the larger purposes of the worship ministry of the church by following the directives of the pastoral staff and designated worship team leadership.
• Musical excellence is a significant factor in the effectiveness of the worship team. Because the worship team members are dependant on one another for effectiveness as a team, minimal standards of musical skill are necessary. Requirements:
o Ability to play a variety of styles of music
o An ear for learning parts off a tape
o Ability to play “by ear” and develop a part in a short period of time
o A basic understanding of music theory
o Ability to transpose
o Keep an ordered song book (chord sheet and music)

By Fariborz Ansari


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