Youth In Our Church

452630868_15acd7fcaaSo what do you think about Iranian worship music? Does it have the same effect on you as the English worship songs? It seems that many of our Iranian youth could relate more to non Farsi worship songs. When you ask them why they don’t listen to Iranian Chritian worship songs, they simply say:

– “We can’t relate to it”
– “It doesn’t have the same effect”
– “The words are difficult to understand – language barrier”
– “The music is not as rich – music style related”
– “They are mostly evangelical in nature”
– etc.

What is the SOLUTION?
– Some are translating American Christian songs into Farsi
– Some are writing a new genre of Farsi Christian songs (pop, hip hop, rap, etc.)
– Some are resisting to change their styles
– Some are re-doing the old songs in new styles

What do you think?
We love to hear from you on this. Drop us an email at and we will publish your ideas.



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