TOP 10 Methods to Reduce Audio feedback at Church

1. Turn the volume down.
2. Decrease gain on equalizer(EQ) or tone controls.
3. Reduce monitor system volume or its EQ gain. Too-Loud-1
4. Move microphones farther away from sound path of speakers.
5. Use a wide band graphic equalizer and/or parametric equalizer to reduce gain on susceptible feedback frequencies. (Note: When using EQ to filter out feedback, a sacrifice in desired tone quality may result. But if used carefully, an acceptable compromise of less tone for more feedback control can usually be achieved.)
6. Use higher quality, low impedance microphones and equipment.
7. Select tighter patterned, cardioid microphones when possible.
8. Decrease gain on reverb controls.
9. Improve room acoustics to absorb more reflected sounds.
10. Have an audio engineer to perform an acoustic analysis of your system and auditorium using acoustical test equipment to isolate and correct problem frequencies within your environment.

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